Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector mini White, US Version


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  • 모델 번호 : Mijia SJL4014GL
  • 조종기 배터리 : 2 x AAA 배터리 (포함되지 않음)
  • 기본 해상도 : 1920 x 1080
브랜드: Xiaomi / SKU: 324618 / Mfr: AP_MJJGTYDS02FM_US / EAN:

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector mini 기재사항

Meet friends and turn you home into a home theater.

You can also resize the image in 1080p FullHD resolution, from 60 to 120 inches.

Actually, who says you only have to screen at home?
You can achieve the same quality results even in the garden.

Although the recommended projection distance is 1.2 m,
the image can be spectacular even at greater distances, as can be seen from many YouTube videos.

The device can handle automatic focus or distortion correction.

Plus, the projector has 2 built-in speakers with great audio performance and Dolby / DTS support,
no need to carry separate speakers.


- HDR 10 video decoding, higher and wider color gamut

- 1080P full HD restores the picture color

- Turn on the camera to autofocus

- Intelligent cooling system, silent fan control

- Dolby sound, acoustic expert tuning customization

- Large sound cavity, low-frequency dive to 90Hz

- 2.4G / 5G dual-band Wi-Fi, dual-channel viewing is not stuck

- Fully sealed optical system to prevent dust from entering and effectively extend the life of the optical machine

- RGB + BP four-channel optical, the brightness is increased by more than 20 percent compared with the three channels

- AI voice remote control, convenient operation

System Parameters

- CPU: Amlogic T968-H


- ROM: Built-in 16GB eMMC high-speed flash

- Operating System: Android TV 9.0

- Language: US Version

배송시 총중량: 2.24kg

제품 상세 정보

  • 모델 번호 : Mijia SJL4014GL
  • 조종기 배터리 : 2 x AAA 배터리 (포함되지 않음)
  • 기본 해상도 : 1920 x 1080
  • 해상도 지원 : 4K
  • 운영 체제 : Android TV 9.0
  • CPU : Amlogic T968-H
  • 램 : 2GB DDR3
  • ROM : 내장 8GB eMMC 고속 플래시
  • 명도 : 500ANSI
  • 명암비 : 1200 : 1
  • 스피커 수 (후면) : 1
  • 언어 : 글로벌 버전

Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector mini 리뷰

  • Awesome Projector
  • by John / 16 6월 2020
  • This is a fantastic projector. The looks, build quality, Android TV and speaker combine to fill you with confidence that you have a top marks product. I'm so impressed with the brightness and picture quality. When combined with a proper speaker and subwoofer it's like being at the cinema. The fast start up and Android TV mean you can watch all your favourites like you would on a normal TV. Then with the USB and HDMI you can play from any other devices too. The fan is as quiet as can be expected for such a bright bulb, the little fan noise is totally unintrusive. I'd have one in every room and throw away all my TV if I could.
  • no 3d
  • by Yucel Koylu / 23 7월 2020
  • this global version doesn't have 3d im so so disappointed Its say its have 3d but its not
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