Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector mini Reviews From Other Regions

  • Great value for money
  • by Vvmanchady / 2020-12-17
  • Best projector in it's price range. Very good 1080p picture output. Only issue though is the focus problems at times that can be easily fixed by a manual refocus. Sound output is good enough. From a 4m distance it can project a 120 inch size.
  • Fabulous small projector.
  • by / 2020-12-08
  • Beyond expectations. Great picture quality and sound.
  • Awesome Projector
  • by John / 2020-06-16
  • This is a fantastic projector. The looks, build quality, Android TV and speaker combine to fill you with confidence that you have a top marks product. I'm so impressed with the brightness and picture quality. When combined with a proper speaker and subwoofer it's like being at the cinema. The fast start up and Android TV mean you can watch all your favourites like you would on a normal TV. Then with the USB and HDMI you can play from any other devices too. The fan is as quiet as can be expected for such a bright bulb, the little fan noise is totally unintrusive. I'd have one in every room and throw away all my TV if I could.
  • このオートフォーカス機能ならば無い方がマシ
  • by / 2020-09-22
  • 1ヶ月程度使用。 プロジェクターを起動するとまずオートフォーカス用の画像が表示され自動的にピントを合わせてくれる。この時点ではきれいにピントが合うのだが、どうやらその後も中途半端に同機能が働いているらしく、映像を写していると、だんだんとピントがずれてくる。その度にリモコンを操作し、オートフォーカス機能を呼び出さなければならずかなりストレス。設定からオートフォーカス機能はOffにできるが、起動直後のオートフォーカス画面が表示されなくなるだけで、中途半端に動作している部分は止まらない模様。 これさえなければ価格も手頃でいいのだが……。
  • no 3d
  • by Yucel Koylu / 2020-07-23
  • this global version doesn't have 3d im so so disappointed Its say its have 3d but its not