Withings 위딩스 스틸 Steel HR 36mm 피트니스 트래커 심박 센서 스마트 워치 Reviews From Other Regions

  • CP值超高的智慧手表
  • by Samuel Chang / 2019-11-05
  • 最近入手withings steel HR 40mm... 使用幾天下來,功能雖不如android wear那樣豐富、畫面沒有apple watch華麗,但完全以手表功能為出發點不用擔心系統當機、隨時沒電、大太陽下看不清晰...等問題。再加上心律追蹤、睡眠偵測、運動紀錄、手機訊息來電提醒... 尤其不用每天替手錶充電!!! 真是CP超優的一隻智慧手表。
  • 正好符合需求
  • by 海豚 / 2019-08-06
  • 均符合我想要的:基本的紀錄步數和心跳,待機可以一個月,不需要其他太多花俏的功能。簡單,低調。另外,搭配的APP也很清楚明瞭。錶面的玻璃不是藍寶石的,所以要稍微注意不要刮傷。下一次如果要買,還會優先考慮同樣的產品。
  • Great
  • by 蔡仲豪 / 2019-08-06
  • Great
  • はじめてのスマートウォッチ
  • by / 2019-06-17
  • 自分用にWithings Steel HR Sport購入し、気に入ったので妻へのプレゼント用にこちらのSteel HR 36mmを購入 シンプルでスッキリしたデザインでありつつ安っぽさは一切なくバッテリー消費も気にならずとても気に入ってもらえました
  • Long battery life with several compromises
  • by / 2019-12-10
  • I love the long battery life and look of this watch, the battery lasts almost 4 weeks and it is very impressive. However, there are issues as follows: 1. It doesn't detect the steps when your arm doesn't swings, often steps are lower than other devices 2. It doesn't detect exact sleep hours often 3. Notifications are not useful when the phone rings it notifies as soon as the call has started.