Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH70 Black

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브랜드: Sony / SKU: 275353 / Mfr: 1293-0195 / EAN: 7311271510154

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Big sound. Lightweight comfort. A water-resistant wireless headset with superior Sony sound quality. Your favourite tracks loud and clear With superior Sony sound quality and perfectly fitted in-ear headphones Stereo Bluetooth� Headset SBH70 gives you music as it was meant to be enjoyed. Use the headset with any Bluetooth enabled device and have a great experience wherever you go. No noise just your voice The amazing sound and shape of the earbuds also make calling more comfortable. With echo wind and noise cancellation the person you�re talking to will hear your voice and nothing more. Use it in any weather Since it�s water-resistant you can make a call in a downpour take a walk in the rain or drop your headset in the sink without worrying. All day comfort The sound is big. But you�ll hardly know the headset is there. Lightweight discreet and with ergonomic earbuds the Stereo Bluetooth� Headset SBH70 is comfortable to wear all day � at work on your way home or out for a run. Features Water resistant IP57 Multipoint connectivity Audio bookmarks Bluetooth� Voice activated dialling Vibration NFC one touch Smart memory metal Connectors : Micro USB charge connector Battery capacity Standby time: up to 650 hours Talk time: up to 8.5 hours Streaming time: up to 6 hours Battery: 125 mAh Supported Bluetooth profiles : Headset Profile v1.2 Hands-Free Profile v1.6 Advanced Audio Distribution Profile v1.2 Audio/Video Remote Control Profile v1.3? Compatibility : Smartphones tablets and computers that support at least one of the Bluetooth� profiles listed

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