Sony 소니 MUC-S20BL1 2.0m 헤드폰 케이블 교체용 for MDR-1A + PHA-3

Sony 소니 MUC-S20BL1 2.0m 헤드폰 케이블 교체용 기재사항

The MUC-S20BL1 balanced 2m Y-type cable features separate left and right ground conductors to reduce external noise and improve acoustic reproduction.

Twisted pair wiring brings hot and cold signal lines together,
reducing signal transmission loss for intense high resolution sound.

배송시 총중량: 0.05kg

제품 상세 정보

  • MUC-S20BL1 Y-type Cable
  • for MDR-1A + PHA-3
  • Length: 2.0m
  • DRIVER UNIT: 30mm (Dome Type)
  • Twisted pair structure wiring enhances high-resolution sound
  • Silver-coated oxygen-free copper conductor minimises sound deterioration
  • Gold-plated mini-plugs provide long-lasting durability
  • 2m length allows for freedom of movement

Sony 소니 MUC-S20BL1 2.0m 헤드폰 케이블 교체용 리뷰

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