SJCAM M50 Hunting Camera Brown Leaf


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  • 24M HD quality
  • Display: 2.33" HD screen
  • Body rainproof: IP65
브랜드: SJCAM / SKU: 363520 / Mfr: AP_SJM50BR / EAN:

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익스펜시스는 여러 국가에서 기기를 공급 받고 있으며 충전기 코드가 현지와 다를 수 있습니다. 이 경우 변환아답터 (돼지코) 를 함께 발송해 드리고 있습니다.

SJCAM M50 Hunting Camera 기재사항

This hunting camera uses pyroelectric infrared sensing technology (sensing animals and humans). Once an animal or human enters the right ahead of the sensing area, it will automatically start to take pictures or video. If entered into the left and right sides of the pre-sensing areas, it will also stimulate the camera to take pictures in guard state. This hunting camera is in a dormant state when it does not detect animals or human bodies. It is super low power consumption and could work for a long time in the field.

Capture high-resolution photos and video of game on your property or hunting grounds with the brown M50 Hunting Camera from SJCAM. The camera's dual passive infrared sensors can detect movement of animals or people up to 39' away, and the camera automatically takes up to 24MP JPEG photos or 1728 x 1296 video at 30 fps. Black-and-white night vision images are clear and well-lit by the array of 38 infrared LEDs.

The camera stores pictures and video on microSD memory cards up to 128GB you can review on the M50's 2.3" screen. Wi-Fi connectivity allows use of the included remote control for convenience in changing settings. Eight AA batteries will power the camera for up to six months, and the housing carries an IP65 water resistance rating.

배송시 총중량: 0.35kg

제품 상세 정보

  • 24M HD quality
  • Display: 2.33" HD screen
  • Body rainproof: IP65
  • Double PIR
  • Low power consumption: long battery life
  • Super night version
  • 1296 HD resolution
  • Support remote control

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