Philips Hue E27 smart light bulb


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  • White and color ambiance (colored light)
  • Instant control via Bluetooth
  • Control with app or voice
브랜드: Philips / SKU: 363524 / Mfr: AP_PHILIPSHUE_E27 / EAN: 8718699719210

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Philips Hue E27 smart light bulb 기재사항

Add ambient color to any room with the Philips Hue White and color ambiance starter kit. The kit includes 3 color smart bulbs and a Hue Bridge, which provides full control of the lights, access to the Hue app, and endless features.

Get in the mood with warm to cool white smart lights
Use over 50,000 shades of warm to cool white light to put you in the mood to work, play, or relax � no matter what time of day it is. Start your morning off on the right foot with cool, energizing bright white light, or settle down for the night with golden tones.

Play with smart color lights
There�s no limit with Philips Hue: with over 16 million colors, you can transform your home into the perfect party venue, bring a bedtime story to life, and much more. Use preset, colored light scenes to evoke the feeling of summer any time you'd like, or use your own photo to relive a special memory.

Sync your media to smart lights
With the Hue sync box and the Hue Bridge, you can bring your entertainment to new heights. Surround yourself with Philips Hue lights and turn on your movie, music, or game � and then watch your lights mirror the colors and rhythm.

Smart lights to wake you up and help you sleep
Connect your Hue Go to the Hue Bridge and let your lights mimic the sunrise in the morning with the Wake up routine, which slowly brightens your lights at a preset time to help you start your day feeling calm and refreshed. In the evening, set a Go to sleep routine, which gradually dims warm white lights and helps you prepare for a good night's sleep.

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제품 상세 정보

  • White and color ambiance (colored light)
  • Instant control via Bluetooth
  • Control with app or voice
  • Hue Bridge included
  • Philips Hue App (IOS 13 and above Android 8.0 and above)
  • Philips Hue Bluetooth App: IOS 11 and later Android 7.0 and later
  • HomeKit compatible
  • Support iOS 7 or later
  • Voice assistants: Amazon Alexa

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