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They say it's extremely difficult to open a fintech startup, but they don't give specific reasons. I want to know for sure if it is worth it.

  • Bestia
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  • 가입날짜: 23 3월 2021

It's indeed hard, and I can tell you it'll take you forever to start making a living that way. If you're willing to start profiting online, try investing in crypto, the chance of return is way higher.

  • HohenZ
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  • 가입날짜: 6 7월 2022

Well, I doubt that it's actually possible to make a living that way, but it's indeed a great source of passive income, way better than a questionable fintech stratup. Of course, when it comes to crypto, you have to be careful choosing the strategy because your income depends on it, but with platforms like singularitydao, you don't have to worry about that as well. It's true that getting into the crypto market is highly profitable, but there's still a chance of losing your money, that's why I think working with dynasets is the best option, especially for novice investors.

  • easoll
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  • Perduchio
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Undoubtedly, the popularity of financial technologies is steadily growing. And if earlier the wave of popularity covered only blockchain and cryptocurrency, now there is interest for business, including fintech startups, already presenting cloud services, artificial internet, quantum technologies etc.

Fintech is considered one of the most attractive and fastest growing industries in the new economy. In addition to remote banking services, alternative formats are actively developing: electronic and mobile wallets, cardless acquiring services, P2P and PFM applications, personal financial assistants, etc.

  • Frustraud
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  • 가입날짜: 25 5월 2022

Do you know about cryptocurrency mining? I also want to learn more about it and if it's possible, please share with me your ideas. Thank you in advance.