Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Dual-Nano-SIM – 지원 포럼 지금 구매 – ₩465,273

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Dual-Nano-SIM [Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Dual-Nano-SIM - 375055]

Hi! I just bought the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G last week, and so far I don't know what to think. I'm satisfied with the phone in general, but there is one big issue. The phone gets very laggy quickly. I've looked it up on the internet and lots of people seem to have this issue. According to a YouTube video the "fix" for this is to close down apps you're not using, but for me that only works for a few minutes, and then it gets laggy again. Does anybody know of a more permanent way to fix the lag? Because I don't think I can stand a laggy phone for 2 years.