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Can I install Line on this phone? [Nokia 2720 Flip Dual-SIM TA-1170 - 319117]

I live in Japan, so while Whatsapp would be great, and I don't care about Facebook, I would need to be able to install and run Line.  Is it possible?

Also, could I uninstall Facebook and other apps I don't use?

Anybody?  I know that staff answered an earlier question.

The phone is basically useless without Line in Japan so can somebody please answer this?

Having confirmed further information, KaiOS supports very limited range of apps.

Please visit and confirm following link.

KaiOS apps FYI

Nov 15 '19, updated)

That "blog" is a link to a load of religious propaganda.  Not at all helpful or useful.

The link doesn't even show Whatsapp, and that comes pre-installed, so I'm not sure how accurate that list is.

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That is a blog post from KaiOS official website and was published on 9 Oct, 2019 when the Whatsapp app wasn't available on KaiOS. For the list of available apps on KaiOS, please refer to the KaiOS website.