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Need Advice on my D5600 [Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens - 315446]

After some deep thought on why getting a film camera like a fujifilm sq20) would be a not so great idea for when I travel to Japan in a few years, research on DSLR’s and some help of my boyfriend’s former photographer father, I went with the Nikon D5600 two-lense kit from Best Buy. I went for this camera instead of my original choice of the D3500 because I liked that I could have the option later to try out video with the external mic of course) if I really wanted to before buying more specific equipment. It also had the screen that moves around, can be angled, turned completely around in which ever way that might help me in times my 5’ nothing shortness can’t let me see or take pictures of otherwise. I’ll be going to Japan in a few years as I said earlier and really am more interested in nature and landscaping photography for while I’m there. Maybe some portrait for when taking pictures of friends while there. I generally want to have fun and be able to see my memories in amazing photos that capture it all. Also, these pictures would make hella good presents for family when it gets to then! I was and still am) crazy excited to learn how to take nice pictures with it. I messed with it a bit taking pictures of my sister’s cat and my Sugar Gliders, switching up the lighting a bit t make my Christmas decorated bonsai look whimsical, but now I want more. I haven’t strayed too far away from the auto function and only messed a little with the aperture-priority mode after watching a few videos on YouTube. Do any of you have advice on how I can learn to use this camera to the fullest?

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Hi kalinmiya68

We suggest you may check the official user's Manual for understanding the full function: D5600