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Proximity sensor (black screen during call) [Huawei Ascend P1 - 228060]

  • maildaemon
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Once you place a call, the proximity sensor locks the screeen, which is ok, but... if you take the phone away from your ear it is supose to unlock itself. It doesn't work and if the other side doesnt hangup you are not being able to use your phone. You cant unlock it with the unlock button on the side, you cant do anything but to wait... It is very annoing, because the phone seems to be very good!

  • peterdub
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You have to switch on the proximity sensor:

Go to settings->Call->Proximity Sensor

I have the same issue. Just to clarify. it is not that the proximity sensor is not on. It is on and the screen goes black when you bring the phone ot your ear but does not return (unlock) when you move the phone away from you ear - but only if the person on the other end of the phone does not hang up.


The proximity sensor is the small strip at the top of the phone just above the HUAWEI and I have checked it is clear and clean. but it still just does not work properly. Huawei support are next to useless and the only way around the problem is to turn the proximity sensor off.


I purchased two of these phones, one for me and one for my wife and it functions correctly on one phone but not the other. Otherwise it is an excellent phone for the price...

  • Tortran
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I have the same problem. Has anyone fixed it?

I did fix it. I think I just turned the proximity sensor off rebooted the phone then turned it back on. I can't remember off the top of my head but it was a software issue not hardware and fixable. Give that a go if it does not work I will rack my brains and try to remember what I did.

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You have to switch off the proximity sensor:


Go to settings->Call->Proximity Sensor


Once you swtich off, when you make call the screen stays on, but quick fix till you get your phone to your provider and get them to fix your phone senser but guess what, it works :)

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Hi my friend has recently mentioned this issue with her phone - she is 82!  I went into settings, call settings (couldn't find just call) and then could find proximity sensor??  Any idea?