Google Nest Hub Max Smart Home Assistant – 지원 포럼 지금 구매 – ₩153,855

How is the condition of product? Is it factory refurbished? [Google Nest Hub Max Smart Home Assistant - 325044]

Can I know if the product is factory refurbished?

Also, are all the components is genuine or company? What defect are refurbished? Is the sound ,screen,mic, wifi, bluetooth and camera quality same as new product.

  • Derek_W Staff
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The product is 3rd party refurbished. Unless otherwise noted in the product description, we are unable to provide specific information around exactly how a device was refurbished or which parts were replaced, as refurbishment is typically done by the manufacturer or our suppliers. For more information about product condition, please refer to the refurbished product condition page.

  • Yoonus
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I got new one 

I think just remove plastic cover from out side box 

inside everything new one and no open 

  • Hanto
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Mine, the unit operated as new item. All seem clean as new unit, it just the box not in plastic seal and the power adapter problem. But Expansys customer support feedback very fast and send the replacement power adaptor to me.

Now it operating like a charm and all is worth, very satisfied.