ASUS ROG Ally handheld gaming computer

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브랜드: ASUS / SKU: 404725 / Mfr: AP_ASUSROGAlly / EAN:

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ASUS ROG Ally handheld gaming computer 기재사항

Asus has surprise-announced a handheld gaming machine called the ROG Ally, which many believe could be an April Fools' Day prank. The Windows 11-powered device features a customized Ryzen APU from AMD and promises "full HD gaming." The trailer shows real games and directs users to Best Buy for pre-order information. While Valve's Steam Deck leads the portable gaming market, competitors like the Ayaneo 2 are also in the mix. The ROG Ally's launch video is detailed and realistic, but it remains to be seen if the device is genuine or simply an elaborate April Fools' joke.

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