8BitDo Arcade Stick for Switch & Windows

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주요 특징 :

  • Dynamic Button Layout
  • button swap function
  • Ultimate Software
브랜드: 8BitDo / SKU: 329247 / Mfr: AP_NES30AJ / EAN: 6922621500278

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8BitDo Arcade Stick for Switch & Windows 기재사항

Arcade Stick is a featured packed joystick designed specifically for Switch and PC.

8BitDo Ultimate Software
Ultimate software gives you elite control over every piece of your arcade stick: customize button mapping and create macros with any button combination. It even has two dedicated macro buttons (P1/P2). Create controller profiles and switch between them at any time.

Button mapping
Map buttons anyway you like and create custom profiles

Create long sequence macros for the two dedicated macro buttons (P1/P2)

Dynamic Button Layout
When you switch between Switch and PC (X-Input) mode, Arcade Stick's dynamic button layout instantly changes its visual layout.

Bluetooth, 2.4g and wired connectivity
Every Arcade Stick has three ways to connect: Bluetooth, 2.4g and wired USB-C. The included 2.4g receiver has a special hidden compartment to store it safely.

Arcade Stick is ultra moddable. You can swap out 30mm/24mm arcade buttons. Arcade Stick is even designed with a universal joystick mounting plate. It supports virtually every arcade stick ever made: Sanwa JLF / Sanwa JLW Seimitsu / LS 33, 55, 56, 58 / Seimitsu LS 32, 40 / Happ arcade sticks & IL arcade sticks.

1.0.0 and above (Switch)
9.0.0 and above (Lite)

Windows 7 and above
Bluetooth 4.0

Windows 7 and above

배송시 총중량: 2.10kg

제품 상세 정보

  • Dynamic Button Layout
  • button swap function
  • Ultimate Software
  • Control stick switch
  • Turbo Functionality
  • 2 Dedicated macro buttons (P1/P2)
  • 1000mAh Li-on battery, rechargeable
  • 40 hours of play time on 2.4g connection and 30 hours on bluetooth with 4 hour charging time

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