Withings Activité Pop Watch HWA01 (Bright Azure)

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  • 상품 번호 : 272896
  • , EAN: 3700546700798
  • , UPC: 3700546700767
  • , Mfr: 70076701
  • , 브랜드: Withings

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Withings Activité Pop Watch HWA01 특징

Withings Activité Pop is a radiant watch to boost healthy habits. Activit� Pop helps you embrace healthy habits while adapting to your rhythm of life and complementing your style. In the know on the move With the Time and Activity dials at hand you know where you stand throughout the day and can decide what your next move should be. Spark a healthy competition Along with the Health Mate app Activité Pop pushes you and your friends to do the healthy thing. Step your game up While the watch shows you how active you are in real-time the Health Mate app suggests easy changes to encourage you to walk more. Run the extra mile Going for a jog or trying to catch the bus? Activité automatically recognizes the surge in intensity and logs it as Running. Dive into swim tracking Activité Pop logs each stroke so you can visualize your progress without having to count laps. Excel yourselves together Challenge your friends! The Health Mate app offers a fun program - with Activity Badges a Leaderboard Healthy Reminders and Activity Insights - that has proven its ability to get everybody going. Get off on the right foot Activité Pop's sleep cycle analysis and Silent Alarm function make sure you wake up smoothly and well rested. Saves you time and trouble Whether you live in the fast lane or at a more relaxed pace Activité Pop respects your agenda and never gets in your way. No more resetting Forget about winding up your watch! Activité Pop seamlessly syncs to the clock of your smartphone to always display the correct time. No more time zone puzzles Jet-lagged after a long flight? No need to piece together the correct time zone. Once you have landed Activité Pop automatically displays the local time. No more charging You don't need any dedicated cable or dock as Activité Pop works on a standard button cell providing an 8-month+ battery life.
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제품 상세 정보

  • Type: Activity tracking watch
  • System: Proprietary
  • Display: Yes / Analog
  • Connectivity: Wireless: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0
  • Camera: No
  • Connectors: USB: No
  • Audio: No
  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM (up to 50 m deep)
  • Sensors: Day & Night motion sensor, High precision MEMS 3-axis accelerometer, Low power consumption
  • Battery: Type: Button cell CR2025 / Battery Life: up to 240 days
  • Weight: 37 g
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 36.3 mm, Thickness: 11.5 mm / Strap: Fit wrists up to 195 mm
  • Compatibility: Platform: Android 4.3 or later, iPhone/iPod with iOS 7 or later
  • In the box: Withings Activité Pop watch, CR2025 button cell (included), Installation tool, Documentation

회원 코멘트

  • by Anonymous
  • 2016년 8월 7일 일요일

Getting rid of my Apple watch

Bought the more expensive Withings Activité sapphire because I was going overseas and didn't want the hassle of having to charge my Apple watch every day and had read of problems with the glass in the Pop. I love my Withings so much I'm getting rid of my Apple watch. Sure it does a lot less than the Apple but what it does it does much better. In short, looks great, comfortable to wear, doesn't need constant recharging and I can wear it in the water!

  • by Naomi
  • 2016년 7월 17일 일요일

Great watch!

I love that this is a fitness tracker, which doesn't look like a fitness tracker. This shipping very quickly, and arrived in Australia in just a few days. Highly recommend!

  • by Anonymous
  • 2016년 6월 3일 금요일




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